Now launching OphtAI, a joint venture in artificial intelligence for ophthalmology

5 September 2019

On 12 May 2019, Evolucare and its partner ADCIS,
specializing in image analysis in a range of fields, including ophthalmology, chose the French Ophthalmology Society International Convention (125th edition, 11-14 May 2019, Palais des Congrès de Paristo ratify their alliance in the OphtAI joint venture (JV).

These two players have worked together for many years as part of Evolucare Labs’ Retinoptic project, and are now joining forces to occupy a solid position in the international ophthalmology market with a range of innovative services based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).The OphtAI JV lays the foundations for a strategic partnership between Evolucare, which recently raised €26m to bolster its R&D and drive international expansion, and ADCIS, which is contributing its 25 years of expertise in image processing and analysis and, more recently, Deep Learning.

The JV agreement was signed at a ceremony attended by Elie Le Guilcher, Evolucare President, Alexandre Le Guilcher, Director of Evolucare Labs and OphtAI CEO, and Bruno Lay, ADCIS President and OphtAI CTO, as well as many important employees, partners, and backers.

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