OphtAI : who are we ?

OphtAI is a joint venture specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Ophthalmology, created by Evolucare, a key player in hospital IT systems, and its historical partner ADCIS, specialist in image analysis with 25 years of expertise.

Our story

OphtAI, a successful example of technology transfer

OphtAI is the result of a successful public-private R&D partnership between renowned industry partners, researchers, and clinical practitioners, going back more than ten years. In its most recent incarnation, it took the form of the RetinOpTIC project.

This project – a Unique Interministerial Fund (FUI 19) winner and backed by Systematic Paris-Region and Medicen clusters, set out to develop a portable digital imaging device for the retina, and a software package based on Artificial Intelligence to grade Diabetic Retinopathy. The project has a number of partners, including ADCIS, AP-HP, Evolucare and INSERM, and contributions from the very best medical and scientific experts in the field. 

The creation of a joint venture between Evolucare, SME expert in care organization and patient data management, and ADCIS, SME expert in image analysis in a range of fields, makes the transfer of the OphtAI technology and its arrival onto the ophthalmology market official.

The partnership’s success illustrates the strategic positioning of clinical partners, researchers, and industry, determinedly focused on digital health and precision medicine.


OphtAI : our aim ? 

The OphtAI technology sets out to revolutionize the screening of eye diseases, to help overcome a shortage of ophthalmologists. It is a disruptive innovation whose ambition is to optimize the organization of treatment in ophtalmology.

 OphtAI’s promise is to support medical practice and improve the quality and availability of treatment for patients.

Our areas of expertise

The partnership between Evolucare and ADCIS, two key industry players who have been working on innovative, ambitious research projects for many years, is aiming to occupy a solid position on the international ophtalmology market with a range of innovative services based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The first solution from this range, a CE marked medical device, is used for the semi-automated screening of diabetic retinopathy (DR). By 2020, OphtAI will offer a range of more than ten services to meet the needs of practitioners and patients.

The ambition of the OphtAI joint venture is to develop an entire range of specialist ophtalmology software, covering everything from analysis of the surface of the eye with the cornea, all the way to the retina. The use of AI and deep learning in image processing and analysis paves the way for massive screening of retinal diseases, in real time and at a low cost.

Evolucare has been a key player in IT systems for the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. It publishes and installs a broad range of software designed for all healthcare, public health, and medico-social establishments. It offers a constantly expanding range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers (imaging, administration, electronic patient records, pharmacies, operating theaters, anesthesia, and intensive care).

The Group serves almost 4500 healthcare establishments, and has now launched a strategy of international expansion. Harnessing its expertise on patient data management and treatment coordination, in 2016 Evolucare moved into open innovation in e-health, to add to its initial range of decision-making services.

This strategy, embodied by Evolucare Labs, aims to develop collaborative projects in 4P medicine (personalized, preventative, predictive, participative), using artificial intelligence as the foundation. The projects developed as part of this strategy are grouped around four strategic themes :

  • Support to diagnosis ;
  • Support to therapeutic strategy;
  • Support to remote patient monitoing;
  • Support to optimization and coordination of care.
Who is ADCIS ?
Founded in 1995, ADCIS (Advanced Concepts in Imaging Software) designs and distributes innovative, powerful imaging software, including the software suite Aphelion hugely popular with swathes of users around the world – and develops innovative applications in different fields, including ophthalmology. ADCIS works with a number of international research labs to integrate the most innovative tools into its software, and propose specialist applications for every sector.

Since 2008, ADCIS has been developing advanced diagnosis tools for the retina and the anterior segment of the eye by controlling acquisition systems and providing an accurate analysis of different diseases. Thanks to its subsidiary in the USA and its network of specialist retailers, thousands of users all over the world have placed their trust in ADCIS’ software to develop extremely innovative solutions.

OphtAI team

The men behind the machine

OphtAI is home to men and women from a range of backgrounds and fields, who pool their strengths and cutting edge expertise to propose high added-value services for ophthalmology professionals.

Two leaders are found at the helm of this amazing adventure that’s all about people.

Photos : a few members of the OphtAI team. Signing the joint venture with Alexandre Le Guilcher (left) and Bruno Laÿ (right) 

Alexandre LE GUILCHER, CEO, OphtAI - Director R&I, Evolucare
After studying engineering at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (1998-2001), in 2002 Alexandre Le Guilcher joined the Austrian SMB, SKI DATA, to work on the Skidome project in Dubai. After installing an RFID chip secure access system, three years later he joined MGE (renewable energy), now known as Schneider, where he worked as a pre-sales engineer for the UK and Northern Europe.

Following these two distinct experiences (SME and industry), in 2007 he joined Evolucare, the leading group in electronic patient record through its subsidiary, Corwin. Alexandre then began his career in the family SME, now a SME, with an extensive period in the field where he mastered the solutions on offer and gained a solid understanding of customer needs, all with the aim of improving patient treatments as a developer.

He then worked in roles as the director of roll-out and software production, then in marketing and new products, before forming the R&I division where, in 2019, OphtAI was created, a company that he manages today.

Bruno LAŸ has a PhD in Engineering from the Ecole des Mines. He began his studies at the École des Mines in Saint-Etienne, before completing his thesis in applied image processing in ophthalmology, and diabetic retinopathy in particular, at the Center for Mathematical Morphology at the École des Mines of Paris. He also holds an MSc in image processing and artificial intelligence from UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles)..

After founding and managing NOESIS between 1985 and 1995, a company specializing in the development of scientific software, and image processing in particular, in 1995 he founded ADCIS in partnership with the American company, AAI (Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc.).

Since 1995, he has served as VP Marketing and Sales at AAI, CEO of ADCIS and, more recently, CTO of OphtAI, of which he is co-founder with Alexandre Le Guilcher.

Our partners

OphtAI enjoys major support from expert clinical practitioners, renowned in their fields. Convinced of AI’s relevance to ophthalmology and the disruptive innovation that OphtAI brings to the practical coordination of ophthalmology, partners serve as true ambassadors to the community.

Among our supporters, we can count :

Pascale MASSIN, POphthalmology Professor, Head of Ophthalmology at Lariboisière Hospital, founder and coordinator of the Ophdiat network, AP-HP, and Chairman of the Francophone Club of Retina Specialists.
Béatrice COCHENER, PProfessor of Ophthalmology, Head of the Ophthalmology Department at the Brest Regional University Hospital, and President of the French Academy of Ophthalmology.
Vincent GUALINO, Doctor in Ophthalmology; Secretary General of the Francophone Club of Retina Specialists.
Jean-Bernard ROTTIER, Doctor in Ophthalmology, former chairman of SNOF (National Union of French Ophthalmologists).
Ali ERGINAY, Doctor in Ophtalmology, Hospital Practitioner, Ophthalmology Department, Lariboisière Hospital, APHP, formerly of Ophdiat network.


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OphtAI is a Joint Venture specialized in Artificial Intelligence for Ophthalmology. Would you like to find out more about our solutions or meet our teams?