OphtAI: Integration Options

decteted pathologies

Our AZURE* hosted API allows for various integration levels. 

Please ask us our documentation to chose the relevant integration level. 

This service is used anonymously and we don’t store any retina photo.

*ON PREMISE installation is available.

Retina image quality analysis

JSON file

  • Results in a widely used structured data file format allowing integration by third party software.
  • 100% of data is available for use and allows creating your own interface and reports.

PDF report

Results as a customizable PDF Report

  • Anonymous or not
  • Referable or not
  • With or without details by disease
  • With or without confidence levels
  • With or without retina fundus photos
  • With or without lesion mapping
  • With or without recommended course of action
Retina image quality analysis

HTML Components

  • Results as HTML component to allow quick production of your output screens
  • These HTML components received a CE Medical Device agreement
  • Their use avoid risks of inappropriate use of the raw JSON file

URL contextual call


  • Zero foot print, reached with an Internet browser without plugin download
  • CE agreed Medical Device allowing for a diagnosis
  • Display of results and confidence level for each disease
  • Display of lesion mapping and importance using configurable superimposed map

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