OphtAI technology for eye care professionnals

OphtAI helps you to take up the challenge of modern Ophthalmology

Today’s specialists today practice under more and more constraints:

  • A ever wider range of activities and diseases to consider;
  • An increasing number of patients who require follow-up, care or screening
  • An even more demanding healthcare system.

To meet these challenges, they have to make the best use of their resources and time to focus on the essential and practice with peace of mind.

Our Artificial intelligences and software aim is to bring you…

…An Optimized organization by:

  • Checking image quality, to avoid patients recalls for re-examinations
  • Automated preliminary patient sorting based on criticity

…And together with Evolucare’s OphCare platform:

  • A centralized electronic patient record
  • Multisites Access
  • Facilitated collaboration with other healthcare system actors: orthoptists, optometrists, opticians, referring physicians

…A more performant practice for better care with:


  • Robust AI thought for better medical revelance
  • Our unmatched performance and quickness computer-aided diagnosis
  • Explicable results through lesion mapping and confidence indexes
  • Automated patient record filling
  • Medical confidentiality (patients receive QRCodes allowing them to access their own reports online
  • Accessible patient history (throught the centralized electronic patient record)

Ophthalmologist, Diabetologist, Optometrist

Increase and expand your expertise on par with the best specialists for each disease.

Collaboration / Delegation of tasks

Increase your productivity by avoiding wasting time and by refocusing, and work with more patients by delegating and to transitioning to a multi-site organization. 

Eye Care Clinics

Qualify the population of your area of influence and expand it by building a teleophthalmology network thanks to which you improve patient management and your knowledge of care needs (diseases, operations and refraction).

Regional/national screening network

Our offer increases your screening network efficiency by improving patient inclusiveness, range, retention and detection.

Detected pathologies

We first focused on Diabetic Retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD with the ambition of targeting around forty pathologies and additional pathological signs.

Dr. Pascale MASSIN – Ophthalmology Professor – Founder and coordinator of the Ophdiat network, AP-HP – Vice President of the Francophone Club of Retina Specialists

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