OphtAI : a complete, modular, screening solution

Take your screening tests to the next level: with our platform, you can optimize the organization of your screening tests across different levels, on as many sites as you need, accessing the patient file wherever you are. Monitor patients over the long-term, regardless of their point of entry in the care pathway.
We estimate that 30-50% of people with diabetes present some form of diabetic retinopathy. However, its progression often goes unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage, causing blindness. Early detection and systematic screening for diabetic retinopathy are therefore essential, and should become a key step in the care path for those with diabetes, included with their routine treatments.
OphtAI was designed to make the organization of screening for diabetic retinopathy considerably easier, as well as facilitating long-term monitoring of patients, with

  • Unrivalled performance: get accurate results in less than 3 seconds (see algorithm performance, below)
  • An architecture tailored to any clinic
Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm: OphtAI

OphtAI uses “deep learning” artificial intelligence to provide recommendations on the need for patient referrals and the stage of diabetic retinopathy.

In less than three seconds, OphtAI analyzes the image of the retina, assessing its quality, mapping lesions, and evaluating the need of referring the patient to a specialist.

Depending on their responsibilities, users may complete the report with the patient’s clinical context, any other detected symptoms, and the recommended course of action.

Performance characteristics 

OphtAI presents outstanding performance in the detection of DR

  • Sensitivity of 99,0 % with specificity of 87,0 %
  • Specificity of 90,2 % with sensitivity of 96,8 %

With these operating points, OphtAI screens for diabetic retinopathy with unrivaled effectiveness: Fewer patients afflicted by the condition are sent home without a diagnosis (false negatives), and fewer healthy patients are referred to an ophthalmologist by mistake (false positives).

Our AI has been trained on close to 350,000 retinal images provided by a true network of tele-ophthalmology operated by AP-HP Paris Hospitals, and tested using several databases, including Messidor. Furthermore, the presence of diabetic retinopathy has been annotated by three ophthalmologists, and the chosen “ground truth” was defined by majority vote.

Our solution is constantly evolving. Soon, we will be releasing new versions that cover additional diseases. Get an exclusive first look. 



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